Soehnle PWD Maya Black Stripes Digital Bathroom Scale

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A classy feature for the bathroom: the striking combination of matt black, frosted and glossy striped glass gives Maya Black Edition its stand-out features. suitable for smaller bathrooms as well as being a convenient travel partner. It has automatic 'on' and 'off' function, an easy-to-read LCD screen with weight in 100 g increments and it has a load capacity of up to 180 kg. Whilst small, it has the attributes of any larger scale designed to perform to the same level. The easy-care platform made of safety glass completes the scale.

- Compactly made (only 27 x 27 cm), ideal for smaller bathrooms and convenient to travel with
- Large LCD digital screen is easy to read, even in dim light
- High level weighing precision to 100g increments through integrated Soehnle 4 sensor technology
- Immediate automatic 'On' function when stepping onto the scale
- Extremely energy-saving with automatic 'Off' function
- Enclosed batteries for immediate use
- Easy to select from g, kg, oz, and lb for display

Measurement: D 27 x W 27 x H 2.5cm
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