Soehnle PSD Shape Sense Control 200 Digital Bathroom Scale With Body Analysis

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- A fitness partner that you can count on! The digital body analysis scale Shape Sense Control 200 is the ideal help for all those wanting to get fit and stay fit. Its elegant platform all in white and the extra-thin Soehnle design turn this body analysis scale into a special highlight in your bathroom. In addition to the body fat and body water content, it calculates muscle mass as well as the daily calorie requirement. It provides reliable monitoring of training and success can be measured. The scale automatically recognises up to eight persons so that even the whole family can participate. Its large platform is made of high-quality safety glass and all values and weight can be read very comfortably on the large LCD screen. The scale also features a high load capacity of up to 180 kg / 396 lb in body weight, displayed with a precise graduation in 100 g / 0.2 lb increments. It has a convenient and automatic on and off function, switching on immediately when stepping on the scale and turning off after weighing. Battery life is prolonged and saves energy. Highly child-proof with a secure screw-fastened battery compartment. Batteries included

Measurement: D 32 x W 32 x H 2.1cm
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