Soehnle KWD Spoon Cooking Star Digital Kitchen Scale

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The smaller the quantities, the more difficult they are to weigh. No problem for Cooking Star. In increments to 0.1 g precise, this digital "spoon scale" precisely weighs miniscule amounts of solid and liquid ingredients. It offers a total load capacity of 500 g. With the convenient weighing spoon you can, for example, remove high-quality spices, herbs, or fine tea directly from the storage container and weigh them most precisely. The "hold" function displays the weight on the easy-to-read LCD screen. The spoon is removable and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. With convenient auto-off function and tare function.

- With graduation to 0.1 g precise and 500 g load capacity, it is the professional for miniscule amounts
- Ideal for high-quality spices, precious herbs, and fine teas
- Perfectly suited for direct removal from storage containers
- Easy cleaning due to removable, dishwasher-safe weighing spoon
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