Ozel N ions Reusable face mask Grey

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- Washable and and Reusable - up up 300 times
- Breathable, Compact and Lightweight
- Adjustable ear loop
- Comfortable to Wear
- It has high density of negative ions and negative statics
- t can neutralise virus and bacteria with its negative statics
- It reduces the absorption of the virus and bacteria
- Negative Ions can enhance our immunity. All virus, bacteria, dusts, smoke even dust mites are ‘positively charged’. Our negative ion mask is full of negative ions and negative statics. So when virus, bacteria or particles bump onto the negative ion mask the particles will be neutralized. HOW TO USE: 1. Wash before first use 2. Rinse with water or laundry detergent ( *May consider Giffarine Lingerie Wash Detergent that proven able expels bacteria effectively) 3. Do not expose under sun 4. Before use, rub the mask with your clean hand

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