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You can’t beat the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning, the ideal way to start your day. The Oster MyBrew personal coffee maker allows you to quickly brew a cup or travel bottle and get out the door! The compact size is great for smaller kitchens and dorm rooms.
Permanent filter
- Permanent filter eliminates the need for paper filters. That reduces waste and saves time and money spent on dashing out to the store for more paper filters
One touch brewing
- Simply one-touch brewing process with LED indicator and auto shut off feature. Ideal for kick-starting your day in making a delicious hot drink in the morning is quick and simple.
Travel bottle lid
- Designed for portability with an integrated carry hook and snap closure lid.
- Added convenience - attach the lid onto the handle of the machine.
Stainless steel travel bottle
- Comes with a 500ml stainless steel travel bottle. Double layer with Tritan exterior for heat insulation. An insulated travel bottle keeps coffee hot, longer, so you can sip at your leisure, without leaving you in the cold.
Fill! Blend! Go!
- Fill the water and coffee grounds, not pods.
- Brew directly into stainless steel travel bottle with simple one-touch button.
- Cover the stainless steel travel bottle with a lid and take it on the go – great for your active lifestyle! As you make your coffee in the travel bottle and also drink from it.

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