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Your child is born with 100 billion brains cells but not all are connected. Brain cell connections are the foundation for learning as your child builds a pool of knowledge through his experiences. Help your child to maximise his brain cells connections for faster learning. The new improved Anmum Essential is formulated to support the nutrition needs of your child through the growing up stage and contains important nutrients as follows: Gangliosides DHA: Both gangliosides and DHA are found in the brain.
- FOS, Inulin: Both FOS and Inulin act as the dietary fibres. It is important for your chil to have a good intestinal environment for effective absorption of nutrients.
- Iron +: Helps in information of red blood cells.
- Zinc: Essential for growth.
- Vitamin A: For skin health and essential for the functioning of the eye.
- Vitamin C: For iron absorption.
- Vitamin E: Protects the fat in body tissues from oxidation.
- No added sugar.

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