Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Shampoo 500ml x 2

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Folligen Shampoo
Daily shampoo for helping anti-hair loss, thickening hair, and revitalizing scalp & hair strand. Restoring shine for strong and manageable hair.
Functions of key ingredients:
1. Biotin – Water-soluble vitamin that is essential for human growth and maintaining health. Effective to prevention of hair loss by supplying nutrition to scalp
2. Niacinamide – Effective for inflammatory scalp trouble with superior bisabolol
3. Dex Panthenol – Balancing pH of scalp and hair with low-irritating substances. Protecting scalp and regenerating skin
4. Zinc Pyrithione – Suppressing the propagation of germs and preventing scalp trouble by controlling excessive secretion from sebaceous glands

Effect | Purpose:
- Hair loss prevention
Type: Wash off
Direction to use: Daily use
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